Collier School--Remote Learning at its Best

Collier School --Remote Learning at its Best
Posted on 04/08/2020
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Like many schools, COVID-19 thrusted Collier School into the world of Zoom meetings and Google Classrooms. But in typical Collier fashion, our students and teachers took off running and brought a whole new meaning to virtual school.

Within 48 hours, every student who did not have access to a computer and internet at home received a Chromebook and mobile hotspot courtesy of Collier’s IT Department. Classes resumed and our students did not miss a beat! Our teachers thought of everything--using Zoom to conduct choir practice to utilizing Google Classroom to create a “homeroom” where students can listen to the morning announcements and chit chat with their friends before the start of their school day.

Collier was even able to continue all of our therapeutic supports such as speech therapy, weekly counseling sessions, group therapy, our shepherding program, and STAR. And it’s not stopping here! Collier staff is looking into how to host virtual clubs so that students can still benefit from a “typical” school day.

"This is a very unsettling time for all of us, and we especially know that our students will need us more than ever so we must be diligent in engaging our students throughout the day and providing them with the services and support they need. That is the reason for keeping our eight academic class periods throughout the entire school day using interactive technology platforms which allow us to see the students and them to see each other. Similarly the supports we offer the students are just as critical so counseling, related services, medication management, support groups, tutoring, wellness checks are all happening remotely and regularly. Supporting the emotional well-being of our students is a priority so that they can remain mentally healthy and able to learn," stated Cindy D'Arcy, Assistant Executive Director of Education. 

Prior to COVID-19, our students thrived on the stability of their classrooms. The clear, concise expectations of classroom behavior help make our students successful. These uncertain times are anxiety-producing for all of us, let alone our students. Combine that with the upheaval of one of the more consistent networks (school), and that could have lead to a disaster. 

Thanks to the tremendous administration, teachers, counselors, and staff at Collier School for making this transition as smooth as possible!